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Why Websites Should Be Submitted to DMOZ
What is DMOZ?

DMOZ or the Open Directory Project is a human-edited web directory that helps websites provide more information about their content to search engines. Essentially, DMOZ acts just like many other web directories where it provides a way for webmasters or content managers to categorize their websites and to submit descriptions about them. DMOZ is more unique in that it is trusted more by search engines than any other web directory. This is in part because of DMOZ's popularity and strict moderation policies. Many websites submitted to DMOZ are rejected because of several reasons: descriptions are not adequate for the website's content, the website does not belong in the category, etc.

Why Should You Submit Your Website to DMOZ?

As Google and other search engines have said, DMOZ is slowly losing its value with respect to search engines. Certainly, they respect the amount of time an effort put forth by DMOZ to moderate all listings, but their search algorithms are improving at such a rate that it no longer seems useful to place such a heavy influence on a website's link in DMOZ. However, DMOZ is still a powerful link. Submitting to DMOZ is probably the easiest way to get a backlink with a solid reputation and a PageRank score of 7 for younger and less popular websites.

How to Submit Your Website to DMOZ?

You can submit your website to DMOZ by visiting If you have any experience submitting websites to web directories, this will feel normal to you. If you haven't, you simply need to navigate to the most specific category that fits your website. Once you have reached a certain level of specificity, the "Suggest URL" option will appear. After you click that, you simply need to follow their directions and enter the information about your website.
DMOZ Moderation Process

You should know that DMOZ receives tons of requests from webmasters and content managers each day. Thus, the approval process can take several weeks. This is usually the minimum amount of time it takes to get your website approved. The maximum limit you should wait is roughly 5-6 months. By this time, it is likely that either they have rejected your website submission or that no one is moderating that category. This means that after this amount of time if your website still has not been approved, it is a great idea to submit to the next best category on DMOZ.


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